Pamper Pack - Tongan Frangipani Combo


Use our Frangipani Combo every Friday night!

Day Spa’s may be closed during this pandemic 😢 but what’s stopping you from creating your own Tropical Spa experience at home? 😉🛀

Follow these steps for the Frangipani Friday Experience 🧖🏻‍♀️💙

Step 1 💙 Turn on some background music 🎶 (Blue Bayou by @swiss 😂)

Step 2 💙 Hop into the bath 🛁 or shower 🚿 and lather that Frangipani soap bar to cleanse your whole body, it can also be used as a shampoo bar for a tropical hair wash 🧼

Step 3 💙 Massage the sugar scrub and exfoliate your whole body then rinse with warm water 💦

Step 4 💙 Towel dry then use our Tongan Frangipani Oil to moisturise skin and hydrate hair.

Step 5 💙 Put the song on repeat and let the exotic scent of this Frangipani combo transport you to the Island Kingdom of Tonga 😉😆 ENJOY!!


This combo includes: 1 x 100ml Tongan Frangipani oil, 1 x 100g Tongan Frangipani Scrub, 1 x 100g Blue Bayou Frangipani Soap