Vision for the Future

    Our vision is to build and  develop high quality products from the South Pacific islands, products that would continually exceed customer expectations. We want to continually evolve in creating an innovative Tongan product that will not only exceed industry standards for pure coconut oil but give you the ability to share a piece of the South Pacific Islands (Tonga) amongst friends and loved ones

    Island Rose Dream has developed high premium products that are ethically sourced from the only remaining kingdom in Polynesia, the Kingdom of TONGA. Traditionally inspired products with a modern touch. 

    Our aim is to introduce a product that is traditionally crafted by Tongans and was once considered to be a trading commodity in ancient Polynesia. Island Rose Dream would like to be that canoe that brings these products, made by the hands of local villagers, across the Pacific Ocean and within in your reach. In return, your purchase will help to maintain traditional / ancient methods of making Tongan beauty oils, promote rural community development, and empower women and youths who are the traditional makers of our products.

    "When you purchase our Island Rose Dream products you are supporting families in Tonga"



    If you are interested in our upcoming projects please express your interest to