About Us - Island Rose Dream


Island Rose Dream was born on the beautiful tropical island of Nuku’alofa Tonga; she is made from the purest natural Tongan coconut oils and infused with Tongan botanical flowers such as the Tevunga (Red Ginger) & Mohokoi (Ylang Ylang) and a range of fruity / floral fragrances which create that amazing scent.

For centuries, Tongans have used natural organic coconut oil infused with herbal extracts to protect, moisturise, massage and soothe their skin. It is also found in every home throughout the Island Kingdom. Tongan coconut oil or Lolo Tonga is regarded as an essential when it comes to body and skincare. 

An ancient Tongan tradition that is still practised to this day is covering Tongan oil on a young Tongan female dancer right before she performs the traditional Tongan tau'olunga, this creates a beautiful shine to the skin and enhances the beauty of the dancer.

Coconuts that we use are grown and harvested in Tonga by local farmers, it is then handcrafted into pure natural oils infused with botanical herbs, using ancient traditional methods by ladies and youths living in the rural areas of Tonga.

All our products are authentic, high quality, ethically sourced and traditionally inspired with a modern twist. 

We currently offer:

  • Tongan Coconut Beauty Body Oils
  • Tongan Coconut Beauty Sugar Scrubs
  • Tropical Coconut Handmade Soaps

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