Help Tonga


Since the Tongan volcano eruption we were able to assist around 50 families in Nuku'alofa with Si'i Kae Ola grocery store credits worth over $15k, we also sponsored $3k worth of Back to School packs for over 40 school students from Sopu. We couldn't have done this without our partnerships in Tonga and we are truly grateful for our amazing donors worldwide who kindly contributed towards these initiatives too.

IRD Essential Care packages filled with personal hygiene products and pantry goods were shipped by our lovely friends from Conan Cargo and distributed to families from the villages of Kanokupolu, Patangata & Siesia.


@islandrosedream IRD care packages filled with personal hygiene products and pantry food items were distributed to people from the villages of Kanokupolu, Patangata and Siesia last month 🇹🇴 🙏 #tonga #tongantiktok #tongavolcano #tongantiktoks🇹🇴 #Tongan ♬ original sound - IslandRoseDream



Sending so much love to everyone in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Although connection has been very limited, we’ve luckily been able to get a hold of our family and friends in Tonga and Thank God each and every one of them are safe and sound.

Due to major damages to the wharf and the uncertain timeframe on when container ships will be able to dock. We will continue to wait anxiously until we get the green light to start packing shipments of essentials via our amazing friends from Conan Cargo (most reliable freight forwarder in Melbourne)

For the time being, we’ve been liaising with a local grocery store in Tonga “The Si’i Kae Ola Supermarket” on Hala Taufa’ahau. This local Tongan grocery store accepts “store credit” which allows your family members in Tonga to shop as they please in store. Those living overseas can make direct payments to an authorised bank account and once payment is received, a store employee from “The Si’i Kae Ola Supermarket” will contact your family member in Tonga and invite them over to shop according to store credit amount received.

We’ve actually been able to do this successfully with our own families in Tonga, and the process only took less than 48 hours! If you want more details on how to order store credit for your loved ones in Tonga please DM us.

For us to be a little more proactive during this tragic disaster, we want to help a few families out in Tonga with immediate relief. So, from this week onwards we will be giving away 2 x $200 TOP grocery store credits for 2 families in Tonga per week till the end of February. We know the connection is limited and phone lines are clogged up but all we need is your fams contact phone number in Tonga to make this happen.

Please message us if you want your loved ones on the recipient list or if you are in Tonga please reach out to us. Recipients must be on mainland Tongatapu and provide us with a contact phone number.

This recovery effort for Tonga is going to take years and you can rest assured that the Island Rose Dream Team will be in this for the long run.


 ‘Ofa lahi atu, 

Island Rose Dream Team