Tongan Fruity Sugar Scrub Set


Get that Tongan Island Glow with our LARGE 250g Fruity Coconut Sugar Scrubs.

  • Coconut Watermelon Sugar Scrub
  • Coconut Mango Sugar Scrub
  • Coconut Passion Fruit Sugar Scrub 
Our Tongan Sugar Scrubs are made from the purest coconut oils of Tonga and blended in with raw brown sugar crystals, with a touch of fruity fragrances.

Using our coconut sugar scrub is a great natural exfoliate, and its the perfect way to get the Tongan island glow. The raw brown sugar crystals gently buffs away dead skin cells, while the Tongan coconut oil nourishes, hydrates and protects your skin.

How to use: 

Pamper yourself twice a week with our Coconut Sugar Scrub. During a bath or shower, IRD scrubs can be gently rubbed or massaged onto your skin, then rinsed off with warm water. This process makes skin look and feel healthier.

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