About Us - Island Rose Dream

How Island Rose Dream Started

Malo e lelei Dreamers,

Welcome to my page. My name is Rosie ‘Akau’ola-Fine and I am the Founder and Owner of Island Rose Dream. A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Tonga, making me 100% Tongan made just like my products lol. My dad is from Kanokupolu & Kolomotu'a and my mum is from Neiafu & Vaini.

I grew up using Traditional Tongan oil as an everyday body and skincare essential, I loved watching my maternal grandma create her own Tongan oils and body scrubs simply by using plants and herbs from her own garden, that’s why I believe she always had beautiful flawless skin. I also come from a family lineage of traditional healers on my paternal side, my great grandmother was a traditional chiropractor (Faito’o Fasi) from the village of Kanokupolu, and she would always use Traditional Tongan oils in all of her healing treatments.

Growing up in Tonga, in the early 90’s I watched my dad build his own private medical clinic (literally in the backyard of our house in Tofoa) and attached to his medical clinic was my mum’s businesses where she would run her hair salon and cake shop! I seriously owe ALL my success and accomplishments to my parents, who taught me at a young age that I have the ability to produce income from my very own home (Work From Home Life) and most importantly they taught me that I  CAN BE MY OWN BOSS!

Fast forward to 2104 in Melbourne Australia, I was in my mid 20’s and truly inspired by my Tongan heritage and ancestral lineage, I saw a gap in the international market for Tongan beauty & skincare products (it was non-existent) and from there I decided to step outside my comfort zone to become my own boss, by building my own beauty brand called Island Rose Dream. Having the ability to share a piece of Tonga to the world has been one of the most rewarding feelings ever.

I'm also very thankful that I get to share this journey with my amazing mum who continually inspires me everyday! She's actually my biggest supporter and cheerleader, who has constantly encouraged me to go out there and pursue my dreams! You're the best mama! 

What is Island Rose Dream?

Island Rose Dream (IRD) is a Tongan Bath / Body / Beauty Line made predominately of Tongan coconut oils infused with botanical herbs and plants. Traditional Tongan oil has a very earthy and ginger like aroma that many Tongans adore, we also add light fragrances to some of our products to give it that modern touch. IRD Tongan oils are great for body and skincare, our Tongan ancestors used these oils for centuries to protect, moisturise, massage and soothe their skin and still to this day Tongan oil or Lolo Tonga is found in most households in Tonga.

We have partnerships with a youth organisation called Tonga National Youth Congress (TNYC) and women groups from different villages that handcraft these oils. Coconuts that we use are grown and harvested in Tongatapu, ‘Eua & Vava’u by local farmers, it is then handcrafted into organic virgin coconut oils infused with botanical herbs, using ancient traditional methods and ingredients.

One of our main goals was to source traditional Tongan products made by the hands of Tongan villagers, which in return will create income opportunities for them. Not only are our products beneficial for our skin, it truly benefits our community in Tonga too.

We ethically source our oils directly from Tonga, we then ship them to Melbourne Australia where they are labelled and packaged into modern cosmetic products. Our beautiful handmade products are easily accessible on this ecommerce store, where we are able to ship worldwide and directly to your front door step. 

 Experience the Tropical Touch of Tonga. 


Beautiful Tongan ta'ahines infusing Tongan coconut oil with botanical flowers and nuts. Traditionally, Tongan oil is lathered on a young female dancer before she performs the Tongan tau'olunga, this process helps enhance the beauty of the dancer as the oil on her body glistens and shines under the sun. Old wives tales say that the shinier and brighter the oil glistens means the dancer is still a virgin.